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Bike your way to better sex One study found that those who bike to work claim to have better sex lives.

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If you're dating a guy who doesn't make you feel like the Gisele of your bedroom, it's going to be hard for you to really let loose and have a great time in bed, because all you'll be thinking about is, Why are you having sex with me? Or did you think I was pretty at first and now you don't? When you ask him to stop doing something, he thinks it's funnier if he just keeps doing it. When it comes to sex, guys like this have one move and that is to wing it. And not even good sunglasses (I'm looking at you, guy in the photo above). You, odds are everything else is going to result in you wanting to punch a wall on your way home because you're so mad at how gross that was.11. You're honestly not even sure if you really like him.It's even more challenging when the topic is sexual relationships outside the context of long-term relationships.Regret, faulty memory, and shame or embarrassment can taint or limit people’s self-reports—while, at the same time, others exaggerate their encounters in the opposite direction.There’s something about make-up sex that’s just so much more satisfying than regular sex.Granted, it usually follows a great deal of unpleasantness like a fight or breakup, but when those fences are mended the after party is nothing short of amazing.

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