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We are really more complicated than they are and I think that women are more generous with oral sex because we nurture by nature.

We want to be pleasing by nature, that’s in our DNA, so I think that a lot of the behavior we’re looking for sexually, you might have to educate your partner. And that’s a conversation that a lot of people dive into but if you’re going to be with someone for the rest of your life and they’re failing to meet your sexual needs is like doing a slow dance with death.

I could talk about love and relationships all day long- some days I actually do!

And after I played match maker for my good friend Sherri Shepherd and her new husband, requests to do the same for others is keeping me very busy, happily busy!

When I first met my husband, I said that I didn’t like him because I thought he was too serious.

My friend introduced me and I was like, “I don’t like this guy.

If Nikki Newman goes gay for Meredith Baxter on , I might just have to start watching again.’ How about I go over here and try hosting a home makeover show? Let me go over here to ‘Entertainment Tonight.’ I think I can dance a little bit, let me try to be a dancing star. In it, Nash simply stated that the secret to a happy marriage: one of them blowjobs.“A BJ a day keeps the divorce attorney away.”After the critical acclaim and backlash from her statement, she explained the true meaning:“When I wrote my book, I was sharing my advice and my experience based on my journey.While we’re talking , Lori Petty is returning for Season 3. Dave Chapelle had a surprise set at the Oddball Festival in Hartford this week and talked about watching a gay documentary, .He announces he finds lesbians “sexy sometimes” and then discusses his having an altercation with a lesbian after he bombed a show.

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