New york state laws on dating

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Sexual violence includes rape, an attempted nonconsensual sex act, abusive sexual contact (i.e., unwanted touching), non-contact sexual abuse (e.g., threatened sexual violence, exhibitionism, verbal sexual harassment), dating violence, domestic violence and stalking.All types involve victims who do not consent, or who are unable to consent due to incapacitation.The final version of the law, however, goes beyond merely protecting smokers.The statute broadly defines a variety of legal activities that, if engaged in on an employee's own time and without the use of company property or equipment, may not form the basis for adverse employment decisions.

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In 1817, a law called “an act concerning slaves and servants” made a change such that it was illegal to kidnap any person of color, not just those who were free.

However, in October of 2010 New York State became the last state to finally enact a No-Fault divorce ground.

Therefore, it is likely that most, if not all, future divorce actions will be brought under this ground, although all of the other remaining grounds are still available.

The law creates four areas of "protected" employee activities: (1) political activities, such as campaigning or fund-raising; (2) legal recreational activities, broadly defined to include virtually all non-compensated leisure time activity; (3) the legal use of consumable products, off company property and outside of working time; and (4) membership in a union or the exercise of rights related to union activity.

It is unlawful for an employer to "refuse to hire, employ or license, or to discharge from employment or otherwise discriminate against" an employee because of the employee's protected activities.

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