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Research has shown that school uniforms assist in controlling the environment in public schools, help to facilitate and maintain an effective learning environment, and keep the focus of the classroom on learning.

Last summer The Pine School started a new tradition of having members of our student body (and their families) share opportunities they had to give back - here at home or elsewhere.

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(1) Framing the Issues School dress codes and mandated school uniforms may seem like godsends to parents who are attempting to negotiate the treacherous shoals of adolescent culture and identity formation.

Approximately 22% of elementary schools, 19% of all middle schools, and 10% of high schools currently require uniforms, and this trend continues to accelerate.

Although uniforms have been a mainstay of private schools, public schools didn’t jump on the bandwagon until 1994, when the Long Beach California School District integrated school uniforms to address safety issues challenging the district.

Opponents cite research that shows a lack of individualism and comfort among students, working to actually decrease student learning and success.

Thus, the question still remains: are public school uniforms good for your child?

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