Kristen wiig and bill murray dating

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There’s a “Ghostbusters” chapter in every state, and tellingly, each one of these organizations refers to itself not as a “club” but as a “franchise.” They’re thinking just like the folks who make the blockbusters.What’s friendly, and funny, and appealing, and revealing about the “Ghostbusters” fan brigade is that if you contrast them with, say, the fans of “The Lord of the Rings” or “Batman,” there’s an undeniable dark drama to the last two.People take their Tolkien deadly seriously, and if your overwhelming drive in life is to dress up like a caped crusader, imagining yourself as a noble avenger in the night — well, that’s Bruce Wayne’s drive as well.The very obsessiveness of fan worship mirrors his own splintered search for identity. That’s a far more benign and seemingly unobsessive endeavor. He has been married twice, first to Margaret Kelly and then to Jennifer Butler. Murray opened up about his dating life on "I think [Tinder] could be amusing," he explained to host Jimmy Kimmel. "They're just friends." Page Six reported that the A-list actor and the musician were an item after he took her to a party he hosted in honor of his new movie's release, calling her his "current younger love interest."But another insider tells us that they're "just friends" and they also "never travel romantically with each other."Even though these two aren't an item, Murray isn't alone!Nevertheless, there's been plenty of fun promo coming out ahead of the film's release, including a brand new poster featuring finger guns and Kate Mc Kinnon being a total boss.

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The fact that Cardellini is a relatively unknown actress compared to the other three names has led to rumours that Murray may have some insider knowledge about the forthcoming film.

Why is it a myth, a cult, a womb of hilarity people long to return to?

The answer, ironically, has to do with everything that’s ramshackle and throwaway and, in all likelihood, un-reproduce-able about it.

Murray has had an awfully busy year, filming and promoting the Zooey Deschanel co-starring film, as well as creating his new Netflix special, , which was written by Sofia Coppola, Murray and Mitch Glazer.

Coppola also directed the special, which makes this the second time she and Murray have worked together! The star will play himself in the special, which sees the star worrying nobody will show up to his TV special because of the snow storm in New York City.

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