Kristen kreuk dating tom welling

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---here is the part: ' Kreuk isn't so sure about that.

I kind of feel like I can relate b/c I'm shy and I think being shy can come off as snobbish b/c you don't say anything so people just think you dont want to, but its really b/c you don't know what to say(shyness)...

debuted on the WB (back before it was the CW) back in 2001 and captured the hearts of many tweens, teens, and even hardcore comic book fans.

The superhero show — which starred Tom Welling, Allison Mack, Kristin Kreuk, and Michael Rosenbaum — ended up lasting 10 full seasons despite losing a few cast members along the way.

"He distances himself from [Lana] because he doesn't want to hurt her.

So she's sort of pursuing him and he's backing off, which is different than it's usually been." Despite Clark's personality change, both Lana and her friend Chloe (Allison Mack) have a familiar pattern: each pining in her own way for Clark.

I was seen as this bizarre world, good-girl cartoon that I in no way identified with: very vanilla, very sweet, very accessible and not interesting.

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But Welling’s job was made infinitely harder by the fact that it was also his first of that magnitude.Kissing a cute superhero might seem like a dream for some women, but for "Smallville" co-star Kristin Kreuk, it's another day on the job."It isn't as fun as it looks," Kreuk said about on- camera liplocks with Tom Welling, who plays Clark Kent/Superman. When the season ended in May, Clark was wearing a mood-altering kryptonite ring that turned him into a clubgoer - and a bank robber.Kreuk's least favorite episodes have revolved around the women quibbling over the same man."I think that issue is totally universal for women, as sad as that is," Kreuk said.

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