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As they try to live their lives as normally as possible, they have to deal with the potential side...

See full summary » I don't know what it's the appeal of this show that it makes so entertaining up to the point it's a guilty pleasure to watch it every single time on Showtime.

This show contains extreme language and content and is recommended for audience members 18 and older.

In terms of reality TV, Kenny vs Spenny hasn’t crossed over into the mainstream quite like The Kardashians.

Guelph Comedy Series Presented by River Run Centre: Kenny and Spenny (a.k.a.

Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice) continue where they left off on their hit television series, competing for victory in insane challenges that see the best friends try to humiliate one another live on stage.

I give a ten to this show because it's original and both characters are sincere and honest with their intentions.

Kenneth Jay "Kenny" Hotz is an American writer, director, actor, politician, and television personality. Jenny, as well as being the leader of the American Marijuana Party since 2005.

See full summary » The third in a series of short films about the perception of children's media.Her father leaves for the weekend and her two best friends, returning home from University, keep her company. See full summary » Filth City is an excellent low budget satirical farce, using Toronto's Rob Ford years as a jumping off point and ending with an impressive body count.It may not be everyone's cup of tea (or bowl of crack), but I found it entertaining from start to finish with a well-written script, credible acting, and engaging characters.I think it was meant to be exactly what it is - an over the top mind bending take on The Shining.After watching it, my first thought was "...words escape me" though now I can say without fear of contradiction that of all the You Tube videos I've ever seen, this one is the most recent.

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