Jprogressbar not updating Sexonline chat

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I have a simple health bar setup that references a pawn's "cur HP" variable.

The "cur HP" is set to the "max HP" in construction on the pawn blueprint, and then is updated everytime the pawn takes damage.

This has been driving me up the wall for 2 days now.

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The visual will update only after the execution of the you can’t see the incremental animation.

I'll post a SSCE using as much code from my program as I can, and explain things best I can here as well.

Basically I have a auto-updater/Installer program to update and/or install World of Warcraft addons to our customers computers.

The Java tip illustrates a method of implementing a progressbar in your application.

The example demonstrates the JProgress Bar component. This tip is very useful for developers who are developming the installers of their applications.

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