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Rielle Hunter, who had a love child with disgraced politician John Edwards, says the pair still "love each other" and were dating as recently as last year. The relationship was believed to have ended in 2012, but Hunter said the couple dated until last February.

We're not together, but we still love each other," she told Steve Harvey, in her first interview in nearly four years.

Elizabeth left him as the scandal intensified, only to die months later from her years-long bout with cancer.

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Onlookers said the two were “very smiley” and “engrossed in conversation” during lunch." CLICK HERE to view "Celebrities Who Got Their Mistresses Pregnant! if he doesn't stop throwing back his stiff drinks, he could be dead in the next six months." CLICK HERE to view "Celebrities Who Got Their Mistresses Pregnant! There's going to be a new baby in John Edwards' life- but this time he is DEFINITELY not the father! John's daughter Cate is having a baby with her husband Trevor Upham!In a clip from the interview - shown on Too Fab - with the full episode due to air later today, Hunter said that their relationship was not 'frivolous' and lasted for nine years and added that the pair 'were madly in love'.Hunter had received widespread disapproval for becoming involved with a married man whose wife was dying at the time. And it was hard to see them go through this.' Hunter, who was born Lisa Jo Druck, married Alexander Hunter in 1991, becoming Lisa Jo Hunter.

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