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Jack Mack Braking AIDS Selfie " data-medium-file=" data-large-file=" / Personalized bare body selfies of Jack Mackenroth, the well-known HIV activist and Project Runway contestant, secured over ,000 in donations for Braking AIDS Ride, Mackenroth announced on September 30. As a lifelong athlete he had faith that with the right training and equipment the ride, while extremely challenging, was doable. “I made the mistake of speaking before doing my research and I announced that I was going to raise ,000 dollars in just 7 weeks.

Two months ago, Mackenroth committed himself to the to benefit.

His viral load was undetectable, successfully suppressed with a drug regimen to the point it was low to no risk for transmission, he was clear of other STDs, and he packed an ample supply of condoms.

You think maybe it still happens, to homeless people, drug users, people living in Africa or Asia where antiretrovirals are harder to come by.

If you live in America, either you think AIDS is the inevitability of living with HIV (so not true) or it’s been completely eradicated with modern medicine (also not true).

I recently went to the Out Games in Copenhagen and I won eight medals. I just filmed a pilot for — I don’t know how much I can say about it — but it’s a fashion game show where I’m a judge. While that’s kind of true, that lasts for about three months. ” But I am one example of someone living with HIV and managing my health care well.

I’m training right now for the Gay Games, this July and August in Cologne, Germany. There are a few friends still there, but most of them are gone. I’m glad [my mother] lives 3,000 miles away from me — I love her to death — because when I go home to Seattle she treats me like I’m in sixth grade again. I’ve always approached life like, “Oh, this might be a really cool adventure. ” When it did happen, and subsequently all these other opportunities happened, I was like, “Oh, this might by fun,” not, “Oh, I want to be the next Ryan Seacrest and have all my own shows! I still do design, but I do it for myself, on a commission basis. I’m producing another television show called setup, but it’s all the top drag queens in New York City. Then the next show is on, the next season is on, and people forget who you are and you really have to work. The ultimate goal for people living with HIV is to have your viral load be undetectable, so we really stress that.

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