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“I didn’t graduate from UC Riverside,” Yi later admitted. During the time I was sneaking into theatre class, I was feeling down. I considered stopping sneaking into class, but for some reason went.” The reason, she said, was that the university served as a sort of safety net for her.

Special Agent Dale Cooper is drawn to her, but he can’t tell if it’s because she reminds him of that eviscerating yet pleasant on the ears indie-folk album that’s hip but Starbucks-and-parent-friendly that his daughter recently gave him for Christmas or because perhaps every city-ditching chicken farmer has a secret.

For most child TV stars, this would be the moment to fade into obscurity, only to be briefly remembered when the inevitable reunion episode airs. Over the past seven years the sitcom had gained cult status fuelled by DVD sales.

The Bluth family had finally found its audience and they wanted more. Last week, as the fourth series of premiered, he was busy promoting a new film, Magic Magic, at Cannes.

With her great work and effort seen in the theater, she was again offered to present in the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater and from where she got a good platform to elaborate her career.

217-strong cast was officially announced, and it included quite a few wild cards — Eddie Vedder, Sharon Van Etten, Trent Reznor, Michael Cera, Sky Ferreira, Tim Roth and Monica Bellucci, to name a few of very, very many.

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