Is janet and jermane dupri dating

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But in a rare interview with ABC News that aired on Wednesday night, the day after her Number Ones album came out, the singer sat down with Robin Roberts to discuss her feelings about brother [artist id="1102"]Michael Jackson[/artist]'s death, her breakup with [artist id="450135"]Jermaine Dupri[/artist] and how she's trying to gain more control over her sometimes chaotic life. In the photo, a sad-looking MJ is seated on a couch with his two sons. You have to accept what is, but it's hard." Talking for the first time about her warm embrace of Michael's daughter, Paris, when the 11-year-old gave her tearful goodbye to her father at his public memorial, Janet said she just wanted to scoop up and protect her niece at that moment. She also said that her marriage to singer James De Barge at age 18 was an attempt to break away from her family.

"That was a shocker to me," Janet said of when she first learned that her brother had been using the powerful surgical anesthetic propofol — the drug that was found in lethal doses in his system after his death — as a sleep aid. Janet said the thing she misses the most about the sibling she called "Mike" is his "silliness," recalling how as children they spent all their time together playing and laughing. That union ended after just three months due to De Barge's drug addiction, which was eerily similar to the prescription-medication demons Michael faced, an addiction Janet said she believes her brother was in denial about. "No." For the first time, Jackson confirmed that she is no longer dating longtime beau Jermaine Dupri.

"I'm not the type of girl that stays in touch with your ex like that," the singer, 43, said. When asked if the singer would ever marry again, Jackson – who has been married twice, as a teen to James De Barge and in her 20s to choreographer René Elizondo – is skeptical."I'll put it like this: If God wants me to, then I will. I haven't entertained any offers thus far, but I'm locking myself in my work right now." As for her relationship with Dupri, Jackson says, "We're there for one another.Jermaine Dupri basically admitted that when he and Janet Jackson were dating, the music producer cheated.Janet recounted the morning of Jackson's death on June 25, recalling how her assistant called her to relay the news that Michael had been taken to the hospital and how she didn't go immediately to the airport in New York because the severity of the situation was not apparent. Jackson discussed the many attempts at an intervention with Michael that failed. We weren't very successful." Jackson said she doesn't think Murray, whom she's never met, should be practicing medicine anymore. She also talked about how the effects of being teased about her weight as a child have caused her to be conscious about her weight for her entire adult life."I tried calling again, and that's how I found out that he was ... "That's what you do," she told Roberts in the same interview in which she blamed Jackson's personal physician, Dr. "Those are the things that you do when you love someone. "There are people that regardless of what it is, if it's something that's stressful, whatever it may be, they don't eat, they lose a lot of weight, a divorce, they get real thin," she said laughing.

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