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On my Sky planner you’ve got Lucy Worsley behind the scenes at Hampton Court, and then you’ve got Woman Whose Body Ate Herself, Too Fat For Love, P***ed and on Benefits. You make television sound a little unreal TV isn’t real. TV is someone with an orange face coming down some stairs going “Hello! Does it hurt when you are criticised for being too camp? Every Christmas me, Gok Wan, Carol Vorderman and Paul O’Grady book a table.But as long you keep good people around you, you’re fine. When I watch Narcos it gets on my nerves because I have to put Candy Crush down to watch the subtitles. My favourite celebrities are the ones who are like members of the public. I have one eye on the screen and one eye on Candy Crush. Is your house crammed with celebs who survived the year?I found the ordering experience was one of the most rewarding I have had online shopping as I was able to order what I wanted and customize it too!• Most successful night in Comic Relief history sees the total reach £78million • Over it's 30-year history it has raised a total of £1billion • Rowan Atkinson brought back Mr Bean.'This is a cruel hard world of business.' Sir Alan outlined the task, which was to design a toy aimed at the children's market, and come up with the advertising.

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We pride ourselves on our already-competitive pricing at Cafe Press.What are the TV-watching arrangements at Château Carr? I have a big yellow teapot so I don’t have to keep going into the kitchen, I light the log fire and bring my duvet down and open a packet of Hobnobs to dip in my tea. I can’t stand celebs on the show when they come with their diva ways; I’m not letting them in my house. They’re nice to me because they are trying to flog their album or their single.Well, after I have pulled up the drawbridge, I retire to a lovely burnt orange settee that scoops round like an arc. Speak to the runners and the researchers; they’re the one who get soup tipped over their head because it’s wrong.Dawn French starred in one-off Vicar of Dibley special • Bond stars Daniel Craig and Roger Moore teamed up for a special 007 sketch, while Professor Stephen Hawking appeared in Little Britain • Victoria Wood triumphed in the celebrity Bake-Off. 23.57 Thanks for your company and comments tonight. 23.55 As tonight's Red Nose Day telethon approaches its final hour, it's time for this liveblog to bow out.Star-studded sketch saw Liam Gallagher named a national treasure • To donate, visit or call 03457 910910 23.38 Before I go, news just in: the total raised so far is £70.5million. Remember that you can donate by texting YES to 70010, calling 0347 910 910 or visiting There's still comedy messiah Russell Brand to come, joined by the likes of comedy-rapper Doc Brown and sketch duo Cardinal Burns.

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