Intracial dating

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At the same time, members of each generation have become increasingly tolerant as it ages.

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There are substantial differences by age in approval of interracial dating.

GALLUP NEWS SERVICE PRINCETON, NJ -- Most Americans say they approve of interracial dating.

Even though a majority of whites approve, they are somewhat less likely to approve of interracial dating than are blacks or Hispanics.

More than eight-in-ten Americans (83%) now agree that “it’s all right for blacks and whites to date,” reflecting the most dramatic change among the racial attitudes tested in Pew polls—as recently as 1987, the public was divided virtually down the middle on the issue, with 48% approving of blacks and whites dating and 46% disapproving.

public that now agree that it’s “all right for blacks and whites to date” — up six percentage points from since 2003 and 13 points from a Pew survey conducted 10 years ago.

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