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Hit it off with sincere and openhearted women from Asia using an innovative and luxurious dating site that will blast your passionate options wide open.

Asia Women is an elite niche dating website that puts you right in the driving seat when it comes to finding the Asia Lady of your dreams.

Women in Russia and Ukraine are very family-oriented.

Family values are considered very important in Eastern European societies.

올해 세계 여성의 날, 인권단체 앰네스티 인터내셔널은 호주의 미디어 컨설팅 업체인 서클8(Circul8)과 함께 이 앱을 이용한 여권 신장 캠페인을 진행했습니다. 자신의 의사와 관계없이 강제로 결혼해야 하는 여성들의 이야기를 알리기 위한 캠페인으로, 프로필 사진에는 “당신은 파트너를 고를 수 있지만, 그런 선택권을 갖지 못한 여성도 많습니다”, “당신에게 결혼은 축복이지만, 수많은 여성에게는 저주가 될 수도 있습니다”, “당신이 갖고 있는 선택권을 갖지 못한 여성들을 위해 목소리를 높이세요” 등의 메시지가 담겨있었습니다.

그러나 하루가 다르게 진화하는 소셜미디어를 마케팅에 효율적으로 활용하기 위해서는 모험을 감수해야 한다는 생각으로 과감하게 이벤트를 진행했습니다.

As Dating Service Generation Love was launched as a bridge between the Western world and Eastern Europe, to address the significant gender imbalance and clearly higher population of women in countries like Russia and Ukraine. To provide the best Dating Service for you, we work with selected local reprehensive offices that assist Russian women as well as women from Ukraine who seriously look for a life partner.

With 3.6 million more women than men Ukraine has a similar gender imbalance.

But for many Russian women, the desire to get married and to create a family remains an unrealized dream because of shortage of men in marriageable age. Do you wish to meet Russian women, women from Ukraine or women from any other Eastern European country?

Therefore, many Russian and Ukrainian women search for a marriage partner also abroad and consider this as a serious option. "Love knows no boundaries" is the slogan of Generation Love.

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