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Vi Salus, which did not respond to repeated messages today, has denied the pyramid scheme allegations in court and described the plaintiffs as three disgruntled past promoters among the hundreds of thousands who have sold the company's goods.Started in 2005, Vi Salus sells nutritional shakes and supplements through a direct model similar to Amway, Herbalife and others.You can take advantage of this feature on both mobile- and computer-based platforms by tapping the "Messages" tab in the bottom-right corner of your app (mobile) or by clicking the same option in the top left corner of your Twitter page. We aim to respond to your email within 48 hours of receipt.

Using the Twitter App Using a Computer Managing Your Direct Messages Community Q&A Like most social media platforms, Twitter gives you an option to send private messages to your friends!

I am addicted to this site it is so cool i have meet a lot of new friends including my best friend who i can really trust and love lots.... New people here almost everyday xoxo Wow these chat rooms are awesome!

I admit there are jerks and that on there but hey more fun for people. Thx Dan keep makin the chat more and more interesting.

After seeing the price of our Direc TV bill go up long enough, I to have television content.

I’ll outline later how much the early cancelation fee Direc TV charges, how much we paid to get rid of Direc TV as well as what we’re spending now to get content through our Mohu Leaf and Amazon Fire Stick.

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