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But as NASA posted on its Tumblr page, "Here at NASA, we study astronomy, not astrology.We didn’t change any zodiac signs, we just did the math."A viral video of a minor league baseball dog delivering water at a Fort Wayne Tin Caps game has surfaced on Twitter.The trouble is that Nasa does not decide on star signs, and actually has very little interest in astrology at all.

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Since then, the position of the Earth relative to the stars has changed – meaning that different constellations will be visible, and that the one people were born under has changed. But The two announcements caused panic in people who are interested in astronomy, provoking personal crises as it suggested that people weren’t who they thought and might have the wrong signs tattooed on their body. The fact about 86 per cent of people have a different sign than they thought is true.

It is the result of a process called precession, where the Earth behaves like a spinning top, which takes 26,000 years and has at the moment moved the zodiac by about a month.

And the fact about the missing Ophiuchus, the 13th sign, is true too.

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