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Today I found out the origin of superstitions surrounding black cats including why a black cat crossing your path is considered bad luck.Black Cats weren’t always the butt of superstitions, feared, or even considered bad luck.Naturally, they did what any guys would do, they threw rocks at the furry feline until the helpless injured creature scurried out into a woman’s house, who at the time was suspected of being a witch.The next day, the father and son came across the same woman and noticed she was limping and bruised and believed that to be more than just a coincidence.*] [*WARNINGS: Sex, multiple wives, Incest, Hinata Bashing, etc.----------------------------------------------------------------------- Woman, woman, and more woman. ” said Naruto to himself as he looked out across the village from the rooftops while having an illusion jutsu on him to avoid being seen.About an hour ago he had been on his way to meet with Sakura at a restaurant for their date, when he had the feeling that he was being followed.Killua is fairly lean at the start of the series, due to constant physical conditioning and torture training he received when he was young.As time passes, he becomes more muscular and toned.

While Anzu does not consider herself a duelist and rarely ever duels, she takes up the challenge, with new cards from her new friend Ishizu Ishtar.though just when he thought that things were finally looking up... Darkness looms in the horizon; the Shadow Realm is calling and a deal has been struck.His soul is on the line and the man after his life wants to take away everything that matters to him, first.He turned back and found no one, but kept his guard up.About a few more streets of walking, and he was sure someone was following him.

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