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After that I ran Kopete and by clicking on Settings Devices I was able to see my webcam working. But these were no big issues, I simply had to install two packages libgpgme11 and libmcrypt4.

Finally getting Gyachi installed, this is what I got: I browsed the forums to find out a solution, I read about adjusting brightness, contrast and colors. I am still unable to use the web cam in Yahoo chat rooms.

In many cases, an individual is lured into taking part in an online video chat session after making a new friend on a social media website or after receiving a message via a dating app or Skype chat.

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Learn more We’ve all used a webcam at this point, either chatting with friends or spending hours trying to explain to our grandparents how the damn thing works.

Recently my internet service provider gifted me a webcam. The Easy Cam utility recognized my webcam but didn’t offer a driver for it. The installation instructions were simple, and since I was familiar with adding third party repositories I had no trouble installing the debian packages. We have Pidgin (Gaim) installed by default in Ubuntu. I have seen webcams working on Gyachi but I didn’t like its cluttered interface. KDE Wiki has a very helpful Kopete Webcam Support page.

It is a Creative Vista Webcam and came with an installation disk for Windows. Running the module assistant installed the driver on my computer and now I was able to see it working in Ekiga. From there I found out that I need to download libjasper-runtime package to see my webcam working.

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