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A kind, innocent side to him is portrayed through his relationship with Michelle (the first girlfriend). It’s not just through his intriguing back story that Niko becomes a more human character than previous anti-heroes; it'salso down to the way GTA IV introduces more naturalistic body animation.

‘Spenny’ positively chortled when he heard that his bumbling rival Andy ‘Nostrils’ Jordan had been out with Vitalia, a beguiling Russian girl who looks as if she was genetically engineered by Channel 4 using the DNA of Louise, Lucy Watson, and the much-missed Millie Mackintosh.

All that and more are included here and you can even skip to the bits that you want to read first, because no-one wants to read a paragraph of puff before they get to the meat.

It only takes the first cinematic to show this has been one big lie; he actually runs a cab firm in fear of the Russian mob and lives in a cockroach infested hovel.

He claimed to be living there with lots of money, sports cars, women and a mansion.

Niko's cousin, Roman, brought Niko to Liberty City with a bunch of false promises.

Your central character: Niko Bellic, the Balkan difference Drivetime: Getting around Liberty City The visuals: Sucking in the atmosphere The missions: Shoot, drive and steal Weapons and targeting: Shoot to kill The new stuff: Like the trailer said - things will be different The bits you won't want to skip The damage system: Smashing the place up The cover system: Because you can't just pile in anymore On the mobile: Your link to the criminal underworld Sound: Music to your ears The cops: The bacon factory Leisure time: Kicking back and wasting time Multiplayer: Crime online Final summary: for the skinny Your central character: Niko Bellic, the Balkan difference First up, Niko’s not f***ing Russian, he’s Serbian. And he’s probably the coolest videogame character we’ve ever played as.

If you've somehow ended up here and wanted a PS3-specific reviewclick here to read the Grand Theft Auto IV Play Station 3 review over in the PS3 channel.

’ Spencer roared when he heard, slapping his thigh in the manner of a young Brian Blessed.

‘Andy’s got a big shock coming to him when I go home !

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