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Some students in the Lower Merion School District reported seeing the indicator light turn on with no explanation.

And earlier this year, a 19-year-old man used covertly recorded webcam images of several women—including Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf—as part of an extortion effort, threatening to post nude images if his demands were not met.

The FBI has also publicly acknowledged its ability to employ such techniques when investigating criminal activity: Last year, a federal magistrate rejected the agency’s request to secretly monitor a suspected criminal through his webcam.

Webcam blackmail is a crime where an online attacker lures victims into taking off their clothes on camera and, usually secretly, allowing them to record a video.When asked about fighting abuse of the Live format, Facebook pointed me to a single line in its platform policy that says “Ensure any pre-recorded content is clearly distinguishable from live content.” Facebook also admits it posted but never announced a December 6th update to a March 2016 blog post about videos getting extra visibility in feeds while Live.It says: We’ve heard feedback from people that they don’t find graphics-only polls to be an interesting type of Live content – for example, “Press Love for peanut butter, Haha for jelly” where the whole stream consists of static or looping graphics or images.An attacker can upload a private video of the victim to video services like You Tube, then use it to extort them further by threatening to make it public or direct it to the victims family or friends.In 2013, Daniel Perry committed suicide hours after receiving an online message saying images or video would be made public and shared with his friends and family if he didn't pay money into an account.

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