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Here are some more pics: The Gibson Mastertones of the 1950's were constructed with about the same specifications and quality levels of the 1930's and 1940's.Unfortunately, they discontinued the Flat Head Tone Ring by the end of the 40's.Maple was selected for its superior bending qualities compared to other woods in it’s weight/mass class (cherry, oak, etc.) at approx 35-40 pounds per cubic foot.Depending on the model, there were either of three or four plies: three plies of 1/4″ maple to make up a 3/4″ rim machined down for one-piece flange models, and four plies of 1/4″ rim to make up the heavy rim used for tube-and-plate models.The Gibson Guitar Corporation manufactures both acoustic and electrical instruments, including banjos.Gibson has made many different styles of banjos, and bluegrass musicians prize Gibson's Mastertone banjos for their rich sound.Production of metal banjo parts resumed in the Fall of 1946; however it is commonly believed that the metal composition of foundry products delivered to Gibson after World War II was inferior to that of parts produced prior to 1940.

The added mass of the fourth ply on tube-and plate rims contributed to the brightness and amplitude of these banjo models.However, small numbers of Gibson banjos continued to be constructed and shipped during the war years using stocks of metal parts remaining in factory bins.For that reason, Gibson banjos produced between 19 often reflect creativity of shop personnel rather than standard catalog descriptions.If you go back to the advertisements of that time, 1984 were to be signed. I know the person who purchased the banjos with serial numbers 19.This banjo in the beginning was the developed through the efforts of Roger Siminoff collaborating with both Gibson and Earl.

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