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Three days ago, my friend told me about this Baekhyun-Taeyeon dating photos.

At first, I didn’t even give a single glance to that photo.

Brando had turned down a role in the movie, but was photographed behind the scenes while Dean was filming.

So, if it has been set up, why would SM Entertainment doing this? Are this all—the scandals—only to cover up Kris leaving? There are so many errors in the photo showing that is not kind of a date done by idols like them: opened rooftop, Taeyeon went out from the car, angle errors etc. I don’t know which episode it is, but, if anyone of you knows, please share it so I can put the video. In her answer, she didn’t state about ‘getting paid by company to release dating news.’ She said that Dispatch will release less damaging ones because there had been discussion before with the company. In fact, we—as fans—who don’t know anything for real only can question what really happened. Together, we will protect our boys from their mean parents.I tried looking up the original article and I saw nothing.Even if the original article is gone the link would still be there but still, no link. If the gay couple was caught last year (( and let us say that they came from SM and that the group is EXO.Someone extremely powerful is keeping Miqueli in as pastor,' he added.'To date we have found nothing to substantiate the allegations that have been raised.If anyone has information or documentation to substantiate the allegations, we would invite them to bring that information forward, or to contact the district attorney,' the spokesman said.

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