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There's a simple way to boost your ego, he said: internet dating. I posted pictures, ticked boxes and wrote intriguing narratives.

He'd been on a website for a month and every few hours an email would arrive saying someone fancied him. The next day was a joy, as my inbox pinged away crazily with messages from a huge range of women, some of whom seemed amazing.

It was a low moment in my two-year internet dating adventure.

A better one was last summer, whizzing though night-time London on my bicycle, with a beautiful girl perched on the back, laughing and holding me tight.

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In 2015, two big dating websites, Ashley Madison and Plenty of Fish, were hacked, exposing intimate details of millions of users worldwide.

Responding to the breach details being made public, the spokesperson added: "We can confirm we have received 27 enquiries from our members which show evidence of their email addresses used for their Soulmates account having been exposed, "Our ongoing investigations point to a human error by one of our third-party technology providers, which led to an exposure of an extract of data.

There is currently no evidence that the data exposure had been caused by an outside party.

The Guardian newspaper has sued two online dating sites in the High Court, claiming that the companies have violated its database rights by using profiles taken from its own dating service.

Guardian News and Media (GNM) operates the Guardian Soulmates dating service and has claimed that Dating Network Limited and Xfactor …

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