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If your computer savvy I'm sure you can get around it but for the most part its better than nothing.

If you are already using multiple user names please stop now and even I wont know who is who but the next time you log on with a different name I will get a...

Thanks to the mobile applications of Waplog in IOS and Android platforms, guys can chat with girls and girls can chat with boys in anywhere anytime.

Instant messaging, texting and flirting online has never been so easy before.

This website provides with the feature of meeting the single that a person talks with.

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This is being done to help protect our members from being hurt by people pretending they are someone they are not.

You cannot buy happiness, but you can log in to WHATSPEAK- that kind of a same thing, Sign in to connect everybody everywhere, Don't just speak - whatspeak it. Truely, WHATSPEAK is your real friend which provides you multi utility messaging, chatting, click to call, get mobile number, video calling, and many more facilities.

This is a site for married or no longer married people to discuss their lives and problems.

In a bid to understand what it is that leads married men and women in India to cheat on their partners, we decided to interact with some firsthand.

We created two profiles on the site (with no photographs) — one of a 30-year-old married man, and the other, a 30-year-old married woman, both from Mumbai.

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