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Woman on back with man standing requires a wedge pillow to elevate her hips so that the genitals align.

Try finding ways to fill the lulls in your life so that you no longer have time for porn.

Now a replica of the contraption, along with various other sexual devices, are being put on display in London at the Wellcome Collection's ‘Institute of Sexology.’ Pictured is an example of the Orgone Opening this month, the exhibition explores the study of sex and the work of ‘sexperts’ such as Sigmund Freud, Marie Stopes, Alfred Kinsey and Masters and Johnson, as well as works of art (pictured) that explore sexual behaviour at the beginning of the 20th century On the left is a a collection of sexual aids, date of which unknown, with instructions, in a wooden box.

Pictured on the right is a vintage poster for the Institute for Sex Research requesting volunteers for studies into sexuality James Bond tried one. The artist who created Shrek swore by his, and spent half an hour inside it at least once a day.

Ultimately, the conference with the best fans will have the most support for its football program and over time that is the key to why the SEC is #1.

I purchased my car in APR 08 and was called by the dealer for defective bolts on the engine crossmember.

Making Her Happy Being Awesome Community Q&A There is more to attracting girls than just looking good.

How you act and how you treat them are also important.

If you’re anything like 90% of the rest of the world, you have no damn idea what Dragon*Con even is, and you also wonder when you got so old, and why beards are so complicated nowadays.

Luckily, almost all of my readers are the cool 10% who realize that Dragon*Con is the biggest pop culture/sci fi convention in the world, or who will pretend they already knew that right after reading this sentence. The ********** In other news, it’s Sunday, which means it’s time for the weekly wrap-up: What you missed on my sex column (which is satirical and vaguely safe for work if your boss isn’t a complete douche-canoe): This week’s wrap-up sponsored by my fabulously talented friends, Nees and Vos.

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