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Eusebius in his Ecclesiastical history narrates an account wherein Pope Dionysius of Alexandria mentions Saracens in a letter while describing the persecution of Christians by the Roman emperor Decius: "Many were, in the Arabian mountain, enslaved by the barbarous 'sarkenoi'." The "Taeni", later identified with the Arab people called "Tayy", were located around Khaybar (an oasis north of Medina) and also in an area stretching up to the Euphrates. In one document the defeated enemies of Diocletian's campaign in the Syrian Desert are described as Saracens.

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Other 4th century military reports make no mention of Arabs but refer to as 'Saracens' groups ranging as far east as Mesopotamia that were involved in battles on both the Sasanian and Roman sides.

The Saracens were named in the Roman administrative document Notitia Dignitatum—dating from the time of Theodosius I in the 4th century—as comprising distinctive units in the Roman army.

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