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The woman send the scammers money, Hannet said, and then contact him asking him what went wrong with their transaction.“Women will send ,000, ,000, ,000,” Hannet said.“They [build] up a huge story about who they are, they are heroes and serving the country,” Grey said. “They are very poetic, they are very savvy,” Grey said.“People fall for the ploy, and some people are sending them money.” Scammers ask for everything from laptop computers to money for airfare so they can fly back to the U. “Luring these women in and they take them for their money.” Victims have been cheated out of up to ,000.(LIST: 5 Ways to Recognize a Financial Scam) The U. Army Criminal Investigation Command (CID) has issued several memos about the situation, including one last month, warning citizens to be “extra vigilant” and not fall for these impersonation frauds, “especially scams promising true love, but only end up breaking hearts and bank accounts.” Victims tend to be unsuspecting women, 30 to 55 years old and the scammers are usually based in African countries and go to great lengths to make their email addresses untraceable and route accounts around the world. After manipulating their victim’s emotions, the scammer will ask for money in some rather creative ways: money to buy “leave papers,” to cover medical expenses, for a flight home to see their fake lover in person.

Though it’s a well known problem, little can be done to stop them. It’s just awful.” The FBI is aware of many online dating scams and features online resources for those hoping to fight the fraud.The scammers start building relationships with women online, eventually asking them for money after wooing them and gaining their sympathy and trust. One woman fell so hard she sent 7,000 to her supposed military love. JOINT BASE LEWIS-Mc CHORD — A local soldier has received thousands of emails from love interests around the world.There’s only one problem: He’s not looking for love.

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