Error validating server certificate

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You can simply accept this certificate permanently and your SVN traffic will be secure.

I was doing "ant update" and the process hung whileupdating build-area.

Organizational Unit [OU], it could not delete the AD objects related to the database’s health mailboxes.

In this case, the database attribute is null because the database the health mailbox references no longer exists.

Exception: Active directory operation failed on “server_name”. WARNING: The object “domain_name”/Microsoft Exchange System Objects/Monitoring Mailboxes/”Health_Mailbox_GUID” has been corrupted, and it's in an inconsistent state.

The following validation errors happened: WARNING: Database is mandatory or User Mailbox.

Here, locate your default receive connector (don’t do this on a send connector or you will create an open relay), right click it and then click on Properties.

Each user has a strong, unique password and knows better than to write it on a sticky note next to his or her monitor. Attackers can steal your users’ credentials with ease.

Everything is encrypted, so nobody can listen in on your conversations or read your data while it is being broadcast over the airwaves. Without proper precautionary steps, all an attacker needs to do is set up and broadcast an imitation SSID and wait for your users to connect to it.

Open SSL is a very impressive project, delivering a stunning amount of functionality.

Its command specific documentation is very good, and usually sufficiently comprehensive for your needs.

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