Eminem dating mariah carey

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She's been ambiguous about some relationships and completely open about others, but has always vehemently denied any relationship with Eminem.Um, Marshall Mathers disagrees and for the better part of this decade, he's been trying to get her to acknowledge their relationship.Back in 2001, I think Mariah was sad over her album glitter which acted poorly so Eminem was there, I'm sure they went on a few dates, but Mariah's not that type of girl to go down.Eminem said they were "together", Mariah says that never happened.It's not an even playing field by any measure, but the Eminem vs. Eminem unleashed a fiery diss dubbed "The Warning," in which he goes after Mariah and threatens to leak some intimate voicemails and pictures verifying their relationship. "The Warning" is a hip hop diss song written and performed by American rapper Eminem and produced by Dr.

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Even Carey’s then-husband Nick Cannon took shots at Eminem on the “I’m A Slick Rick” diss record.

After the release of Carey's "Obsessed", a song about an obsessed man who claims to be having a relationship with her, suspicions were raised by many, including Eminem himself, that it was directed at Eminem, despite claims to the contrary by Cannon.

As a response, Eminem released "The Warning", in which he claims he still has proof of the couple.

"Clown"'s lyrics were described as "languidly sinister" by Sarah Rodman of The Boston Globe, and read: "I should've left it at 'I like your music too'...

Over the course of her career, Mariah Carey has been romantically linked to multiple celebrity men.

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