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Sa VE instructs colleges and universities to provide education for students and employees addressing the issues of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking.

This web presentation the explains how you can bring your campus into full compliance with the educational requirements of this Act and presents online resources from Hazelden that can be used to meet and exceed the educational requirements of the Sa VE act.

A T-Mobile employee in Pinellas County, Florida, has been arrested on suspision of stealing an explicit video from a customer’s phone and emailing it to himself.

It would be an unfortunate surprise to the store’s owners, if it weren’t for the fact that the employee was found guilty of defrauding T-Mobile in a weirdly elaborate sales commission scheme just last year.

The police report says that Sanchez-Ramos “accessed the victim’s cellular phone while working as a T-Mobile employee…the victim noticed that her email had been accessed and her sexually explicit video was sent to an email which is believed to be [Sanchez-Ramos]’s.” This isn’t the first time Sanchez-Ramos has been arrested while working at a T-Mobile store.

I hoped people didnt get the wrong idea by the look of trepidation that must have been scribbled across my face.

That day when I looked like any random, pointlessly apprehensive heterosexual.

As previously reported, a high-pressure sales culture exists at some T-Mobile store, where employees are strongly encouraged to push extra accessories or devices on customers, or face termination.

The T-Mobile employees previously interviewed by admitted to fraudulent sales practices to try and boost their numbers, including lying to customers or adding insurance to plans without permission.

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