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--------- One of the most influential Christian women of the 20th century, Elisabeth Elliot, has died. “Those became the definitive inspirational mission stories for the second half of the 20th century,” said Kathryn Long, professor of history at Wheaton College.Elliot, the Christian author and speaker whose husband, Jim, was killed during their short-lived but legendary missionary work among unreached tribes in eastern Ecuador in the 1950s, passed away Monday at 88, according to reports. “She really had a sense of her audience as evangelicals, and she could tell this story in a way that keyed into [their] values.” Long said that Elliot’s later books on missions, , which ran through 2001.He is author of more than 50 books, including Reading the Bible Supernaturally.At on the morning of June 15, 2015, Elisabeth Elliot died. This is near the top of why I felt such an affection and admiration for her. Sadly, my parents, by their own admission, were not born again. I was raised by a wonderful earthly mother and father who were practical, down-to-earth, gracious, and hardworking. It just means we are far more careful and specific about the men we want to be with. So here are 23 inspirational quotes to help you tell if your man is a great man."A gentleman will open doors, pull out chairs, and carry things. The problem is, in this wonderful new modern world we live in, well, it can be hard to find a true man.

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I got my best Bible teaching in those days from radio preaching and from Elisabeth Elliot.He and Dave were on the wrestling squad, so I went to a match, ostensibly to watch Dave. Then Dave and Mary Lou Mc Cully talk about Jim’s best friend Ed.I found myself laughing with the crowd at Jim Elliot, the ‘India-rubber man,’ who could be tied in knots but could not be pinned. Then suddenly [he said,] ‘We’ve got to get squared away on how we feel about each other,’ Jim said. After that, the widows of the other fellows martyred in Operation Auca talk about what brought them to Ecuador. Because of the influence one woman has had on my life from the time I became a Christian at age 16. As an author she’s written about her firsthand experiences with loneliness, longing, heartbreak, passion, purity, and triumphant love. He spoke of a story he had read in his Bible study that morning–the story of Abraham’s offering up Isaac. She says of their honeymoon, “It was unspeakably worth the wait! college, helped translate an unwritten language, and been featured at women’s conferences. Don’t tell me you didn’t know I was falling in love with you? That’s what I’m telling you.'” mission field as a single man–maybe for a few short years. Elisabeth wrote: “Jim and I walked to a cemetery and sat down on a stone slab. After that night, Jim headed for his home in Oregon, and Elisabeth to a Bible college in Alberta, Canada. The book ends with a brief description of Elisabeth and Jim’s wedding supper, with Jim gazing at her across the candles at their table for two.

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