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If you’re not sure how you might be perceived, ask someone who will tell you the truth.

People react to how you present yourself — so pay attention to the statement you’re making.

Phil during the program, Carl still insists that he is going to prove everyone wrong, that Natalie exists and they will be together.

For two years Carl has been paying to PPL dating sites for letters.

A couple from first appeared on Dr Phil in October 2006. A feature that went into the hot property of members that makes so successful.

The man was a surgeon who had used our dating site to find a woman that was attractive and of a higher quality. The management were able to demonstrate the philosophy and success behind the site.

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talking about his interview with the former "Honey Boo Boo" matriarch and offering an interesting take ...

Seven percent of communication is what you say, and the other 93 percent is non-verbal.

That 93 percent screams your “personal truth,” what you really believe about yourself when nobody is looking.

If you’re carrying baggage — insecurities, fear, desperation — people can tell. Phil cautions about expecting someone to meet a checklist, he does think it’s OK to have deal breakers.

But you need to know what they are and get rid of the ones that are frivolous.

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