Docky weather not updating

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I have searched high and low for the config file to change the server for the weather applet. v=8a6b688d5d65aeba6fa4 as suggested in Garry Garrison's answer (the link to the binary is also mentioned on Anyway, I tried to fix it myself and I was successful.

Hello Ubuntu users, I had experienced a annoying feature relative to both the Gnome Weather-applet (the one linked to the clock) and the weather-desklet from Docky : With the same laptop (working under Lucid Lynx), they work perfectly fine when I am using them from work but never stop to update (in the case of the Docky desklet) or didn't show up (for the gnome weather-applet) when I am using them from home.The weather docklet provides you with various weather data for today and the next several days. To configure the docklet, right click and select "Settings", enter the name of the city you want to monitor, weather provider (3 available), whether to use metric (default is customary) and the interval of update.Under the menu there is also a link to the Radar Map and a link to the full weather report for the next 7 days.The weird thing is that the error shows up between the sunset image and the sunset time.I've narrowed it down to running the clock module and the current_weather modules at the same time.

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