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The following recipes, featuring barley, are theirs. Barley, or orzo in Italian, is one of the oldest cultivated grains in the human diet, dating back to the Stone Age.It is a hearty food that can leave a person feeling satisfied and energized for hours without wreaking havoc on his blood glucose level.Today, chia is coming back into popularity as science confirms its great nutritional value and cooks prove its versatility.The seed is commercially grown not only in its native Mexico and Central America, but also in Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Ecuador, and as far away as Australia. The seeds contain up to 25% omega-3 fatty acids including ALA (alpha-linolenic acid.) They also contain protein and fiber and are considered a near-perfect food source, which explains their “superfood” status.Italian cooking often includes various types of fresh produce, cheese, beans, poultry, nuts, meats, and grains.Often, recipes are handed down from generation to generation or shared among friends.

These foods are perfect for caveman Paleolithic diet recipes and should give you an idea of what you can eat on a Paleo diet plan.

Similar in ways to being a Pescatarian, the Paleo diet menu consists of meals of fish, meat, nuts, roots, vegetables, and fruits.

The diet plan avoids dairy, salt, refined sugar, legumes, and grains.

If you have ever sat down in a bar on a hot day—especially here in El Paso or Juárez—and ordered a margarita with a tiny bottle of Corona tiled ever so pretty in that big “Chabela” glass, then you have definitely tried a beer cocktail. That’s not exactly all there is to it, but at least now you a have an idea of what beer cocktails are about.

Beer cocktails have no doubt left their mark in libation history.

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