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Hopefully, guys don't judge a woman by her hair color, but they have perceptions based on culture, media, and personal taste, similar to unconscious interpretation of inkblots. See below:"The redheaded stepchild" is the outcast.

There are fewer redheads, so maybe that's why I haven't dated one.

Instead, they provide custom blended hair color like you’d get in a salon.

They use salon-grade ingredients that leave hair soft, shiny and provide excellent gray coverage.

The team at Date uk love everything to do with foxy redheads and after reading this you will too. In a study done at The University of Hamburg it was discovered that redhead ladies love getting hot in the bedroom department more than women with any other hair colour. Redheads tend to have a soft milky complexion, which means they not only look stunning but they feel great to cuddle up to.

This summer freckles have been a beauty trend, people have actually been drawing them on!

That’s a far cry from the 0-plus you would pay at a salon!

Right now, they have a special offer for new customers: Get your first custom color kit for only .95 (a 50% savings!

It's funny how culture and media influence perception of hair color, but my personal opinion is: It doesn't matter what color your hair is; if you're hot, you're hot. Any guy hair color that would make you not want to date him?Despite their distinct appearance, they aren't discussed in male circles as much as blondes and brunettes. The classic redhead women are strikingly beautiful: Rita Hayworth, Katharine Hepburn.For me, the redhead personality consists of polar opposites: She's either the beer-swilling barmaid, giving every guy a run for his money..the classic confident beauty, understated and graceful, possessing all the answers before everyone else.I'm an island girl , humble and down to earth. Takes the fun out of it writing everything in a box I will mention I have a medical problem but I'm not ... Redhead I'm real, fun, funny, genuine and looking for someone similar. a coffee date and if a second date happens then I'd like that guy to decide were we go on that date... Redhead My name is Linda I live in Dalry Ayrshire I am divorced with 3 grown up sons and 5 grandkids I live on my own I am 62 yrs old looking for friendship maybe more I have auburn hair blue eyes and I am average weight would like to meet someone who is friendly caring funny and truthful by for ...

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