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In a matter of hours, the Gilmores will officially be back in our lives.And have we mentioned how excited we are for this reunion?Don’t get hung up with the idea of being his “only one,” because he’s going to have lots of “ones.” Polygamy works fine in the animal kingdom, after all.It’s just as natural as those organic kale juices he loves to mock you for buying. Take your dating cues from chimpanzees instead and get used to your guy having several girlfriends.

With clips that are sure to make you smile, this article is a view into the small world of kosher comedy.While we were thrilled to see them kiss and make up, it didn’t quite erase their recent ups and downs (Luke keeping his newly discovered daughter a secret, Lorelai marrying Christopher, etc.) from our memory.Here’s to hoping that Lorelai and Luke have officially put their tumultuous days behind them and are now happily together.A Brooklyn Trailblazer Becomes America’s First Female Hasidic Judge Ruchie Frier made her way through law school and an impressive legal career while raising a traditional family.Now she will decide cases for New York City as she cherishes the support of her family and community.

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