Dating while spouse is terminally ill

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After years of longing to get married and have a child, I finally met and married Dave when I was 38; and after more than one doctor assured me I would never get pregnant (“old eggs,” they said), I had Alex at 40.Finally, I had a life I had dreamed of, and it was even better than I had imagined.I came home after three weeks to work and be with the kids, who were between five and 11 in age at the time.They were thrilled when Nic came home five weeks later.At least if someone dies suddenly, the bereaved person is free to return slowly to normal life.I don't do anything outside the house, because I'd feel guilty enjoying myself when my husband is so ill.That first year of Nic’s illness we were still a team – I went to the unsympathetic doctor with her and demanded more tests.It was a terrible shock when she was diagnosed with a very rare cancer as she’d had it so long the treatment was drastic.

Emotionally, I’m the little silver ball in the pinball machine.

Rosenthal, 51, wrote that she’s gone weeks without real food and falls asleep mid-sentence because of the morphine she needs.

Despite feeling weak, she said she had to write the essay while she still could, because she wanted him to fall in love again after she is gone. “Our young adult sons, Justin and Miles, often borrow his clothes.

When we’d married I came out of the army into a good job so money was never an issue and we were happy.

I worked long days after our first son was born but Nic was really keen to be at home with the children and she did a great job, supervising homework, taking them to sports and organising big parties or barbecues for us at the weekend.

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