Dating western w49 bowie knife

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Click here Home These are the terms that govern this auction. Lots 1-99 Lots 100-199 Lots 200-283 Lot 200 Western, Boulder, Colo. 8 3/4" (82-212-jkc) Minimum bid .00 Lot 201 Pair of Western, Boulder, Colo. (82-213-jkc) Minimum bid .00 Lot 202 Western, Boulder, Colo. This knife was first identified as a new pattern in 1936 (82-228-jkc) Minimum bid .00 Lot 215 Camillus USAF survival knife, with sheath, excellent. (82-229-jkc) Minimum bid .00 Lot 216 Three Western belt buckles in the original shrink wrap storage packet.

USA (1950-1961) stacked leather washer handled fixed blade, no sheath. USA (1950-1961) stacked leather washer handled trailing point fixed blades, no sheath. USA (1950-1961) stacked leather washer handled fixed blade, no sheath. (82-218-jkc) Minimum bid .00 Lot 205 Stag Bowie knife made in Solingen, Germany etched, "Original Bowie Knife". (82-222-jkc) Minimum bid .00 Lot 209 Western USA stacked leather washer handle near Bowie, long blood grooved, with sheath, minty, some spotting toward the tip. (82-227-jkc) Minimum bid .00 Lot 214 Western's version of a knife-ax combo, with imitation onyx celluloid handles, basketweave leather sheath. Mint (82-230-jkc) Minimum bid .00 Lot 217 Three knives.

It's all kind of murky and just passed on like we are doing here. I have been trying for some time to compile dating info and as you probably know there are some gray areas. It can also be identified by the smaller pins in the handle.

But I feel like your chart is about as accurate a depiction as one is likely to find. I had put together this table that I'm going to post but not sure how it'll show up. The 4th variant, I believe, is similarly guard marked and stamped "W49" instead of Bowie, like the 3rd variant, on the pile side. WESTERN / USA / W49 with the letter "A" which signifies the first year that Western implemented the alphabetical date code (1977).

The company was purchased by Coleman (the famous manufacturer of outdoor equipment) in 1984. Charles Platts, still a respected cutlery leader, and his other sons reentered the picture when they moved from Northfield to Little Valley in 1893 and began work with Cattaraugus. Ever expanding to new territories, his sales trips took him father west through several states and into the midwestern plains states. Platts as organizers and major stockholders, was to merge from this family and working relationship. Platts health began to decline due to “grinders consumption”, a disease of the lungs caused from years of work with the sandstone grinding wheels.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an Error Document to handle the request.That would have been 3 years prior to Coleman merging with Western in 1984. But it's always nice to refresh our memories from time to time... In 1991 Camillus bought Western at auction and production of their knives then moved to New York where they were made until Camillus closed its' doors in 2007. WESTERN CUTLERY COMPANY The Western Cutlery Company story and that of several other manufactures could begin in 1864, the year that Charles W. Platts was descended from a long line of knife makers and, in turn, his descendants were to have a significant impact upon a number of U. A few years later, he became superintendent of the factory belonging to the Northfield Knife Company in the nearby town from which the company took its name. Champlin and his son Tint were joined temporarily in the business by four brothers of Mrs. A developing west proved to be fertile ground for knife sales since the cowboys, farmers, miners, and others workers needed quality cutlery to use many times every day.Charles and his wife, Sarah, reared five sons and each learned the cutlery craft at the Northfield Cutlery firm. Platts left Northfield in 1891 and moved west to Little Valley, in Cattaraugus County, New York. Platts knew the business and he certainly had experience in starting a cutlery factory, but he also recognized the need to establish a base of business if he was to be successful in starting all over again.

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