Dating unattractive men

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This doesn’t mean that they’re not shallow (they are), but rather, that they are consistent and reasonable in terms of “rating” women’s looks.Like in a normal bell curve, 5% of the women were found to be the least attractive and 5% were found to be the most attractive, with most women falling in the middle 90%.As Ok Cupid observed, the medical term for this is “male pattern madness”.4) Women engage in similar behavioral patterns, just not as extreme.I need a guy confident in himself who knows what he wants and knows how to make me interested.If you’re nervous with sweaty palms, sorry but I don’t find that cute. I know it’s a fine line but it’s imperative you don’t come across as an arrogant baboon.Final turnoff – bad trainers.” 2) “Narrow shoulders, long nails, moobs, lazy eye, stingy with money.” 3) “I am Italian and this is what I find unattractive about men: the ageing lothario or as we say in Italy ‘vecchio sporcaccione’ – a guy who used to be a ‘gigolo’ and still thinks he is, with the wet look (I mean greasy) mullet hairstyle swept back.Speedos on the beach almost hidden by a huge paunch.

That’s cool you’re entitled to your opinion boo boo as long as you’re respectful. Note: Truth is, there are countless women who love men who fit more than a few of these descriptions. If you’re a man and you see yourself in this list, this is a friendly reminder to do better. Rough and Dusty Hair Just like the fellas like to see our heads looking right, so do we women. Whether you’re rocking a Caesar, locs down to your booty (Ooo) or a high top fade; I don’t care, but best believe that joint needs to be lookin’ right. It’s hard to see a man’s fine factor if the hair on his head is lookin’ rough.2. Tidy up before you have guests over.7- No Hometraining Some of us call this chivalry. I was a beautiful two seconds ago now I’m a Beyotch? 9- No Ambitions Looks can take you a long way but once a conversation gets going and we realize you have no goals whatsoever or you have goals but no concrete plan to achieve them then that’s an ultimate turn off.

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Anyway some of you called for a 10 things women find unattractive and here at Madame Noire we like to give the people what they want… Ash Brothas (and everyone in between) please keep that skin moisturized. There is nothing more disgusting than a man who lets you walk on the outside of the street and lets doors slam in your face whenever you walk into a place together. So done.10- Irresponsibility As women we ask ourselves questions about every man we consider giving the time of day.

You know how you like the softness of a woman’s skin? Of course we don’t expect you to be on our level but we also know that rubbing our skin against yours is not supposed to cause chaffing and irritation. And please for the love of Gawd stop scratching yourself in public. 4-Living in a Pig Sty Ladies, has this ever happened to you? Then you get to his bedroom and there’s a month’s worth of dirty clothes on the floor, including streaked drawers. His drawers will be the only ones on the floor because yours just dried up like the Sahara.5- Micro Meat Lawd forgive me because I know the poor man had no say in the size of his genitalia. Hopefully we already love you by the time you reveal your small soldier otherwise it’s going to be a struggle. Get it together, quickly.8- Thirstiness You may have noticed this very same thing appeared on the men’s list as well. If I said no thank, told you I liked women, or ran, then I don’t want you! Could we see ourselves being with him for a minute, marrying him?

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