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Beyond that, there is nothing appealing about an ‘Alpha female’ to an Alpha male. When a woman is very controlling and domineering, and she gives birth to a son, I can almost guarantee you that her son is going to go off in one of two directions as he gets older: Either he is going to a) grow up to very effeminate in his behavior toward both other men and women, or b) rebel against the influence of his mother, and more-than-likely become some sort of very macho acting street ‘thug’ in an attempt to compensate for not having a strong male presence in his life.

A few months ago, I read a status comment posted by a young Black woman on Facebook that read, “I love Beyoncé because she is such a Bossy Bitch. ” Maybe Jay-Z loves having a ‘bossy bitch’ as a wife. Personally, I have never witnessed a marriage or long-term relationship lasting indefinitely when both the man and the woman in the relationship were both dominant.

and he forces his way in, who knows what could happen," said the woman, whom CBC has decided not to name out of concern for her safety. The woman lives in an apartment in Edmonton's Capilano neighbourhood, and recently a series of strange men have appeared at her home, looking for sex.

She has nearly a decade of experience reporting behind her.What they found out about the social life of the Indonesian octopus Abdopus aculeatus is the stuff of daytime television: jealousy, brawls, betrayal, sneaking around behind one another's backs — if they had backs, that is — and, a soap-opera favorite, the open-ended question of paternity.The researchers discovered that males of this species are picky, preferentially bestowing their conjugal attentions on large females, and will guard a single female for up to 10 days (or more), mating with her frequently and fighting off other beaus that come calling — sometimes while still engaged in mating!While a large male guards a female in her den, displaying its telltale dark stripes that advertise its maleness, a smaller male might try to sneak a private rendezvous with the female by swimming low to the ground, hiding its masculine stripes and camouflaging itself, as females often do.Apparently not recognizing the sneaker as a rival, the guarding octopus may let him approach without attacking.

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