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for short in Japan, is a series of Japanese otome game visual novels created and developed by the software company Honeybee.It was separated into four games, the first released in 2009, with three love interests in each, making a total of twelve possible love interests.Rick Addison is the general of the Leazas Red Corps and a major supporting character in the Rance Series.A master swordsman, he is known far and wide across The Continent as "The Red Reaper of Leazas", and is often considered to be one of the strongest Humans in the world.The company began in 1989 making games for the PC88, MSX and PC98.These included a Visual Novel known as Intruder and the very first Rance.Read on for full patch notes: Fixed a bug that would make the player character small.

The player takes control of Tsukiko Yahisa, the heroine of the Starry☆Sky games, although her name can be changed by the player.

But who among us is truly worthy to engage in courtship with such a caring and compassionate dad? “At its core is a story about what it means to care for someone else, and I think that’s really important to to anyone who might play this game.” creator (and Hot Pepper Gaming creative director) Vernon Shaw said in a press release.

“I hope this game is as meaningful to everyone as it has become to us.

She is closely watched over by her childhood friends, Kanata Nanami and Suzuya Tohzuki, who often protect her from the male student body.

Throughout the games, she befriends other young men whose personalities are based on the Western zodiac constellations.

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