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Another way that precise dating can be achieved is if the artist records the actual date of his or her creation, the name of a leader of known reign, or a distinctive historical event, like the inscription shown in the previous chapter about King Yousif Assar Yathar’s invasion of the Najran region in 518 CE.

Then, however, it must be clear that the artist is referring to his or her own time, and not providing historical commentary.

[Read about studies of the dead buried in Lower Pecos caves: “Mummified Man, Bundled Baby Change View of Ancient Burials in Texas“] Although many of the park’s images had been analyzed before, Steelman’s team brought a new technology to the task: portable X-ray fluorescence (p XRF).

Using a handheld p XRF device, which looks something like a state trooper’s radar gun, the archaeologists were able to scan rock paintings on site and get immediate readings on the chemical makeup of the pigments used to make them.

But the same cave also bears pictures made in a simpler, smaller-scale style known as Red Linear — portraying stick-like figures of people and animals in more quotidian scenes, like hunting parties or fertility rites.

The team’s scans of these pictographs showed that the black paint used to create the shamans and spirit-beasts of the Pecos River Style was made from the mineral manganese.

Beyond engravings, the oldest reliably-dated rock art in Australia is 28,000 years old.

New technology is providing unexpected insights into some of the most distinctive rock art in the American West, archaeologists say.

The canyonlands of Texas’ Lower Pecos River are home to thousands of grand, colorful pictographs — depictions of people, animals, spirits, and often inscrutable symbols — painted in caves as much as 4,000 years ago.

(c.f.: Züchner 2001) The background to this paper is provided by an investigation into Chauvet Cave (Chauvet 1995).

Due to scientific dating, this cave is generally thought to date to the Aurignacian period despite this being in stark contrast to knowledge of the development of Ice Age art that has been gained through archaeological methods (Züchner 1995a, 1996, 1999).

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