Dating persian coins

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-- wikipedia These are popular collectible coins made of silver.

There are many coins that look the same, that is, they have the lion, saber, and sun pattern, but they are not made out of silver. Click to this page if you have a coin made of bronze. Today, silver is at .76 US dollars per troy ounce.

Add 621 to the date given in the Persian calendar and you'll get the Gregorian. The only difference is its starting point, which is the birth in 559 BC of Cyrus II, the Persian Empire founder, also known as Cyrus the Great.

To convert, instead of adding 621, you'll have to subtract 559.

In order to maintain the standard of its coins and a degree of equilibrium between supply and demand for money, each state attempts to exercise a monopoly over minting. These coins also became debased, and by the time of the Sasanian conquest in 224 C. they contained hardly 1 g of metal (Sellwood, 1980, pp. Ardašīr I (224-40) continued to mint the debased Arsacid tetradrachm of billon, an alloy of copper with a small amount of silver, as well as introducing fractional silver coins, specifically the half-drachma and the was minted until the end of the reign of Kavād I (488-96, 498-531), becoming gradually debased to less than 0.3 g and circulating mainly as token currency (Göbl, 1971, p. A major innovation in coin technology occurred in the early Sasanian period: The first thin-flan coins, cut from rolled sheet metal, were issued.Here are the stats with the date (see below), diameter, and net silver content in troy ounces:1/4 RIAL, 1315: 15 mm diameter, 0.033 troy ounces silver1/2 RIAL, 1310 to 1315: 18 mm diameter, 0.066 ounces silver1 RIAL, 1310 to 1313: 22 mm diameter, 0.133 ounces silver1 RIAL, 1322 to 1330: 18 mm diameter, 0.031 ounces silver2 RIAL, 1310 to 1313: 26 mm diameter, 0.266 ounces silver2 RIAL, 1322 to 1330: 22 mm diameter, 0.062 ounces silver5 RIAL, 1310 to 1313: 15 mm diameter, 0.033 ounces silver5 RIAL, 1322 to 1329: 26 mm diameter, 0.154 ounces silver10 RIAL, 1323 to 1326: 31 mm diameter, 0.309 ounces silver The base value of these coins will be the silver weigth multiplied by the current value of silver. A 10 rial coin, then, contains 0.309 x 21.76 = .72 US dollars of silver.You can figure out the date on these coins using these eastern Arabic numerals. The date appears on the side without the lion, at the bottom, opposite the crown.Since then, the date is given in the Parsian calendar.From 1976 to 1978, the Imperial Persian calendar was briefly used. In the Persian calendar, years are counted beginning with Hijra in 622, whereas the Imperial variant counts years beginning with the birth of the Persian Empire founder, Cyrus the Great, in 559 BC.

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