Dating of speleothems

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For this reason, among others, speleothems provide more constraining dates as they record palaeomagnetic signals and can be compared to global magnetostratigraphy.However, only relative dates can be garnered from this method and direct dating of the fossils themselves is often impossible.The U-aeries ages of fossil bones are inconsistent with those of associated speleothems, indicating secondary U addition to the bones.Discordancy between U signatures of the bones are more consistent with a model of U assimilation caused by a succession of short events, than by a process of continuous diffusion.Daniela Polag, Max-Planck-Institut für Chemie, Mainz daniela.polag (at) 49 (0)6131-3054811 Dr. Uranium-series chronology and environmental applications of speleothems. Mario Ruckelshausen, Institut fr Umweltphysik, Heidelberg mario.ruckelshausen (at) iup.Sophie Winterhalder Supervisor: Augusto Mangini, Heidelberg, Denis Scholz, Mainz Within the DFG SPP INTERDYNAMIK project Carib Clim we have reconstructed past precipitation variability in the Caribbean during the last 12.5 ka using speleothems from Cuba (Ph D thesis C. In 2012, we started a new project to analyse Caribbean stalagmites, which grew during the Last Glacial period from Cuba and Puerto Rico. , (ed.) Late Cainozoic palaeoclimates of the Southern Hemisphere: proceedings of an International Symposium held by the South African Society for Quaternary Research, Swaziland, 29 august - 2 september 1983. U-series dating method is applied to speleothems from Los Covachos Cave in the south of Spain.

Direct dating of cave infills in South Africa remains a significant problem for palaeoanthropologists because unlike in East Africa, there are no volcanic ash layers for K-Ar or Ar/Ar dating.

However in other works large spread of data points has been obtained.

Comparison with the C dates of speleothems are commonly treated with caution, because of the reservoir effect, producing an apparent age, which is usually not accurately known.

The main research of the former research unit of the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences "Dating of water and Sediments" is the dating and the interpretation of marine and continental climate archives.

In the DFG research group DAPHNE we study natural climate change and processes related to carbonate precipitation in various cave environments.

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