Dating new gibson guitars

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It's best when trying to evalute a collectible to contact Gibson for further information that is not as easily available.

in 1947 Gibson changed the serial number pattern and in 1954 went from white labels to orange labels.

On f-hole instruments, it is visible through the upper f-hole.

The second type of serial numbers used started with an A prefix and ran from 1947 to 1961. When production of solid body guitars began, an entirely new serial number system was developed.

Since all the instruments using this serial number pattern were acoustic or semi-hollow the labels were located inside the instrument body.

Gibson introduced a new pattern when they began producing solid body guitars.

This system is fairly reliable for guitars made from 1953 to 1961.

The company that built it for him couldn’t believe that no single pedal had ever combined those effects before, he says, “and I was like, ‘Who’s going to use chorus without reverb unless they’re in the Police?

OK, while I’d rather discuss instruments all day, like every day since 1986, I guess we should do some finance.

That said, they have a lot of Les Pauls and woodworking tools and other assets, so somebody will probably make them a new deal.

The first serial numbers started in 1902 and ran until 1947.

The serial numbers started with 100 and went to 99999. In most cases, only the high end instruments were assigned identification numbers.

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