Dating kimono

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The whole process usually takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

*please bring your passport with you What’s good about renting the yukata is that you can choose from a wide variety including the kanzashi, obi, innerwear, bags, and geta! If you would like an elaborate hairstyle, there will be an additional fee.

It is not uncommon to find old and vintage kimono with worn lines along the crease of the eri. The portion of the sleeve below the arm hole, IE, the part of the sleeve that 'swings'. The wide panel of the body of the kimono, extending from the front of the body, and over the shoulder, without a seam at the shoulder.

There will be a seam across the middle of the back, where it would not be seen when the obi is worn, connecting the Mae-Migoro to the Ushiro-Migoro (see below).

Keeping your office outfit trendy yet professional during the summer can sometimes be a challenge.

The heat can be unbearable, and the last thing you want to wear is a heavy suit or any uncomfortable fabric that will leave you sweating like a fiend.

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As it is becoming more and more popular, you will be able to find many yukata and kimono rental shops near popular tourist areas.

The kimono is a symetrical garment, unlike some western clothes, and the same terms apply to both the left and right sides of the kimono.

The same terms still apply to informal yukata, except that yukata and some kimono lack doura and susomawashi (parts of the lining, as described below).

When thinking about traditional Japanese costumes, the kimono usually comes to mind, but the yukata is a summer tradition in Japan.

Yukata was worn as room wear, however it is now more commonly worn as a costume for going to summer festivals, fireworks, and other special events.

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