Dating for non drinkers

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They say opposites attract, but when the opposites involved are "coffee lover" and "non-coffee drinker," can it really work?

That might sound a little too serious, but if there's one thing we know about coffee drinkers, it's that they take their coffee very seriously.

Drinking is never an issue except in these cases, just wondering what everyone else's experiences are....... If you feel that you are tired of the bar scene, but go twice a week to the bars?

"Plus one of my favorite things to do when traveling to a new place is tracking down the best local coffee shop.

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I don't drink much and wouldn't want a partner who did.

Some people go as far as to call abstaining from coffee a dating deal-breaker.

"All I know is that when my parents got divorced, my mom (coffee drinker) stated for the record that the ultimate deal-breaker for any new relationship was that he must be a coffee drinker (Dad was not one).

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