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"More than a few people asked if we were on our honeymoon.""It could have been awkwardly disastrous, but instead, we fell in love over mudslides in the moonlight every night on a deserted beach.

I told her I loved her for the first time, and now we're married five years with a beautiful son and another on the way in two months!

"You do what you have to do." Long says that flight attendants often find dating to be particularly tricky.

"It could be difficult I think trying to explain your job, your schedule, and what going out means," she explains. It's going out to dinner, maybe getting a cocktail, and then to bed." Aircrew will generally do things together for the duration of a trip, she says.

We're compatible in that way."Whether it's your first trip together or the highly anticipated, much-romanticized honeymoon, travel ramps up the pressure and can tell you what you need to know about another person and how (or if) you'll have fun and solve problems together.

Even worse — you never is in all of their Facebook pictures.

Uncover the real reason they won't answer a Face Time when they're just hanging at home. In a long distance relationship (LDR), you get the boyfriend or girlfriend the benefits.

In August of 2010, I sauntered into Hickey dining hall with the specific swagger a senior in college carries.

In a move of epic uncoolness, I was back at school two weeks before many of peers to be properly trained (for the third year) in the art of being a resident assistant.

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