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We now live in a day and age where divorce is at a 50% rate, which means all of the people that were taken out of the dating pool a few years ago, are now back in the dating pool. Which means, and I know this sounds almost too obvious but I’m going to say it anyway, the chances of you dating someone that is divorced is greater today than it ever has been before.

And as many of you have discovered, dating a divorced man is no easy bag of apples.

This is just one perfect example of many of the experiences that many of you are going through right now.

When it comes to dating a single and not divorced man, you have enough issues to contend with. You add an ex-wife into the mix, children, assets, finances, and so much more.

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When it comes to dating, times they have a changed.

I believe that marriage teaches men responsibility, structure, how to co-define reality, what women want and how to put someone else before themselves.

I have giggled to myself and so very much appreciated the little things that divorced men I have dated have done for me.

Every relationship is a continuous learning process.

However, dating advice for women dating recently divorced men comes easy.

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